It is important to check translations thoroughly for mistakes. This is called proofreading.

It is not advisable to rely only on the computer spell checker or on-line translator to find every mistake.

For example, they won’t differentiate between homophones - words that sound the same but are spelt differently and have different meanings (ex., THERE and THEIR, HEAR and HERE, TWO and TOO, etc.)

Price for my proofreading starts from £0.04 (4 pence) per word of the original document.

Minimum charge applies. Please call for a free quote.

Please have a look at the extract of one of my recent proofreadings below.

But spelling is not all.

Good proofreader looks at the meaning of the translation insuring it makes sense and is understood easily while at the same time is translated correctly.

Thus second translator is often asked to proofread the translation made by the first translator.

The original text was in English ↓↓                                         

(1) The Company must issue each shareholder, free of charge, with one or more certificates in respect of the shares which that shareholder holds.

(2) Every certificate must specify:

(a) in respect of how many shares, of what class, it is issued;

(b) the nominal value of those shares;

(c) that the shares are fully paid; and

(d) any distinguishing numbers assigned to them.

(1) Общество обязано бесплатно выдать выделить каждому акционеру бесплатные свидетельства один или более сертификат акций, которыми обладает владеет этот акционер.

(2) Каждое свидетельство на акции должно указать:Каждый сертификат должен указывать:

(а) сколько акций какой категории выпущено;

в отношении какого количества акций и какой категории акций выпущен данный сертификат;

 (б) номинальную стоимость  этих акций;

) что данные акции полностью оплачены; и

(г) любую отличительную характерную нумерацию, им присвоенную.

The incorrect  translation was crossed out and correct one was added (in red ↓↓)

Share certificates

Свидетельства на акции Сертификаты акций

An Example of Proofreading; An Extract from a Company’s Articles of Association