A native Russian speaker, I learned  English from the age of six. My Mum taught me English being a qualified English language teacher.


   After 11 years  of schooling in Tbilisi, Georgia, I graduated with 16 “A”s in A level equivalents of a Soviet school, including English, Russian and Georgian (see the original Diploma).

   In 1992 I graduated as a hydraulic engineer from the Moscow Hydro-Technical Institute (now Moscow State University of Environmental Engineering, with the top mark in English among other subjects (see my original Engineer’s  Diploma).

   With then Perestroika and no demand for new graduates, I became a director of a Moscow Real Estate company Makosha International (

  We moved to Bristol from Moscow in 2003. I love it here - the people, the culture, the way of life - all of it!

   Since then I’ve worked  for Encyclopaedia Britannica, Kerridge (now ADP) and Tileflair, gaining some invaluable skills in British style customer service, and also continued to interpret and translate whenever I could.

   At first, the idea was to create a multi-lingual translation agency, but then I decided to concentrate on Russian>English, English>Russian language pairs, and I have been very happy with my decision ever since 2012.

  Now with more than 27 years of translating and interpreting experience no job seems to be too complex, though I continue to learn every day and I find I am very lucky that I was given this opportunity in life.

   Thus 20 years ago I met my British husband. So thanks to him (and lots of British and US television!) my English has been improving ever since!

I often practised my English during negotiations with English-speaking clients and investors flocking into the country.

My Motto: “Education, Experience, Excellence.”

  My first translation/ interpreting began in 1986 due to my friendship with lots of foreign students from all over the world that were studying in my Uni.

   In December 1997 I was awarded Cambridge University First Certificate in English Grade A (Very Good).

   With some unforgettable past interpreting experiences, such as at Olympic Games 2012 and Brit Awards 2013 I am sure there is more very interesting work waiting ahead!